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Eligible Equipment OFFs

IMPORTANT REMINDER - Funding Application Deadline is January 21, 2018

New Certified Equipment

To be Eligible, Producers Must Have:
$2,500 in Cattle Sales, Completed VBP+ Training, Must Be VBP+ Registered

50% up to $2000 per producer

Eligible equipment, same as original food safety equipment list, includes:

Producers that are VBP+ Registered can claim their funding maximums under both categories ($750 and $2000).

Note: Under this certified equipment funding category, neck extender funding is limited to $750 per neck extender.

Please Note: The Saskatchewan Verified Beef Production Plus program is continuing and there is still funding available for eligible equipment purchases.  Producers can claim 50% up to $750/producer on eligible equipment such as chute neck extenders, livestock weigh scales, and record keeping software.

Saskatchewan beef producers are eligible for 50% funding towards First Certification Audits

  • Funds to build VBP+ come from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's AgriMarketing Program - Assurance Systems Stream of Growing Forward 2

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